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Flamingo Adoption Pack


An Animal Adoption Pack is a perfect gift for any animal lovers in your life and now, more than ever, our Adoptions Programme is essential for the Zoo. The money raised by these adoption packs goes right back into the care of all of the amazing animals at Dublin Zoo!

Did you know that the joint on a flamingo's leg which looks like a backwards-bending knee is actually their ankle, and they are standing on their toes? Find out tonnes more fun facts about Chilean flamingos in our flamingo adoption pack!

Your adoption pack will include:

  • A Certificate of Adoption
  • 2 Adult tickets to visit Dublin Zoo
  • A magnet
  • A Save Dublin Zoo car sticker
  • A photo of a Chilean flamingo at Dublin Zoo
  • A Dublin Zoo pen
  • A Dublin Zoo tote bag
  • A fabulous flamingo fact sheet